About Dara Elliott

Hello, I'm Dara.

I'm a champion for entrepreneurial pursuits.

If your idea has the potential to make the the world better, I'm here to encourage you to pursue it.

After all, entrepreneurship is really about the pursuit. Within the pursuit is the opportunity to learn new things, to make an impact, and to grow beyond measure.

My foray into entrepreneurship gave me the opportunity to learn product design, brand development, and the full spectrum of marketing/operating a business.

In terms of impact, starting a business enabled me to contribute to economic equity by investing capital in both minority and women-led businesses. 

And in terms of growth, becoming a founder challenged my thinking and forced me to get clear on my principles. In the process, I discovered my guiding principle is curiosity ––– specifically a curiosity around the entrepreneurial journey.

This insight sparked the idea for Curio, a space for entrepreneurial curiosity. Our mission is to facilitate:  

  • Connection –– we gather early-stage founders together to brainstorm ideas, work through obstacles, and inspire one another to keep building. Stay tuned for the next virtual circle!
  • Learning –– we curate business resources and release case studies highlighting early-stage startups. Learn more.
  • Growth –– we offer one-on-one coaching and strategy sessions to help you launch and grow your business. Learn more.

Now, I'm curious to hear what you're working on, let's connect!

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P.S. a few fun things...

Why Curio?

Curiosity is our superpower. With just a seed of curiosity, we can grow our awareness, compassion, grit, and beyond. 

Where are you based?

San Francisco –– you'll typically find me strolling through Golden Gate Park. Before moving here, I lived in New York, San Diego (UCSD is my alma mater), and Burbank/Los Angeles (hometown).

What's your happy place?

Dancing to One Direction (yes, the teeny bopper boy band) with my daughter and husband. Running at the beach while listening to a podcast or audiobook. Pairing acai bowls with California burritos, it's a real art.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein