About Dara Elliott 

Hello, I'm Dara.

I'm deeply curious about the psychology behind consumer behavior.

What cultural influences shape us? What subconscious patterns drive our behaviors? What are we consuming, and why?

I've spent over a decade in brand strategy, analyzing and directly influencing consumer behavior. Curious to dig deeper into the subconscious drivers of human behavior, I received my coach training from the Co-Active® Training Institute. Combining these two disciplines, I help brands understand the psychographics of their target audience and distill these insights into an actionable strategy.

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Dara Elliott SignatureDara Elliott  


I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

Core Values

Curiosity exploring without attachment or expectation.

Compassion - accepting my humanness, and the humanness of others.

Courage - acting in alignment with my values, even in the presence of fear.

Fun Tidbits

City: San Francisco (right next to Golden Gate Park). Previously New York, San Diego (UCSD), and Burbank (hometown).

Daily Intention: Harness my curiosity for impact.

Morning Routine: Deep breaths, green smoothie, and a stroll through the park.

Happy Place: Dance parties with my daughter and husband. Inspiring conversations. Running alongside breathtaking scenery.

Current InterestsWell-being and personality psychology.