The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure

Simply put workleisure is office-appropriate clothing that feels like your favorite yoga pants. Think comfortable, versatile and stylish.

This game-changing wardrobe category is made of technical, durable materials. You can expect incredibly stretchy, low-maintenance fabrics cut into flattering work/dinner/happy hour-appropriate pieces like this.

In this post, we explore the origins of workleisure, and share where to find the best technical pants, dresses and more.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure |


To really understand how workleisure came to be, it’s helpful to take a step back and consider its origin – athleisure (yup, there’s even a Wikipedia page).

Leggings as street style cropped up in 2014 and then really took off in 2015. And in a matter of years, athleisure has gone from mega trend to simply the way we dress.

Athleisure Trend Analysis via Google Trends

Cultural Shifts

Our affinity for comfort reflects a larger cultural shift towards overall health and fitness. From spinning classes to green juices, our lifestyle and social feeds revolve around wellness.

So instead of just reserving workout clothes for specific athletic activities, we’re now clad in athleisure for running errands, brunch, and going to and from basically anywhere.

New Work

With athleisure taking over our weekend wardrobes, it is no surprise it’s making its way into the office. Let’s face it, no one wants to sit through back-to-back meetings in a stiff blazer and zero-stretch work pants.

While the word ‘workleisure’ was initially popularized in the mid-1800s to celebrate the benefits of integrated work and play, it’s just now that our wardrobes are meshing together.

This shift to a more relaxed dress code is often attributed to startups in Silicon Valley along with the rise of gig economy comprised of coworking and remote work.

Don’t work in the creative/tech world? No worries, workleisure is sleek enough for business casual and beyond. Think of it as comfort disguised.

Workleisure for You

This new category sounds pretty innovative, right? Fortunately for all of us, the future is here. We’ve rounded up some of the key players creating beautiful, functional pieces below.

As always consider what pieces are essential to your wardrobe. The goal here isn't to buy more, but to buy better. And to buy only what you'll value for years to come.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace

Launched by the wife and son of Lululemon’s founder, Kit and Ace is the most well-known brand in the workleisure space. Their core pieces are made of Technical Cashmere™, a proprietary luxury fabric that’s soft, stretchy and machine-washable.

This is ADAY | The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure


ADAY is all about simplicity and creating the wardrobe of the future. They partner with innovative, sustainable factories around the world to create technical pieces like their uber-popular leggings.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring Brevity Brand

Brevity Brand

Oh, hey that’s us! While there are incredible brands in the workleisure space, there aren’t any that focus on jackets, we created the Do Anything Jacket to offer a versatile staple that transitions perfectly from work to weekend. It’s super comfy, easy to care for, and complete with a pocket for your iPhone. Plus, it’s made right here in San Francisco at a women-owned factory.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring ZANNI LA


If you’ve been searching for the perfect LBD. Meet the new player to the workleisure world, ZANNI. They make technical dresses ‘for whatever,’ dress them up or down. Bonus, all their dresses are made in LA.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring Aella


Want to wear leggings to work? Now you can with Aella’s signature activewear inspired pants. This made in LA brand is all about making the perfect pants - wrinkle free, fade resistant and sweat proof.

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen

While the brand is not dedicated to workleisure, it is dedicated to the modern woman. And this means offering accessible, versatile pieces. Modern Citizen’s lounge collection especially embodies work-friendly comfort. 

The Comprehensive Guide to Workleisure featuring Athleta


You may think of Athleta as just another fitness brand, though if you take a closer you’ll find a brand with strong values and a mission to empower women and integrate sustainable fibers. And amidst their yoga pants, they’re introducing workleisure pieces like these ponte pants and machine-washable silk.

Here's to a sleek and comfy wardrobe!

Editor's Note: This post was originally created for my former apparel brand.