Why Curiosity Is Your Superpower

Curiosity is your superpower for financial independence.

Curiosity is your superpower.

Curiosity opens doors to new opportunities, creates new possibilities, and guides us to live our lives to the fullest extent possible.

As someone who is curiously inclined, you lead with intuition and exploration.

You're invigorated by learning and experiences. You delve deeply into topics that interest you, jump into new roles, and start projects with boundless energy.

Your exploratory path enables you to see fresh perspectives, generate creative ideas, and solve problems in interesting ways.

Ideas come from curiosity - Walt Disney | darabelliott.com

But, curiosity is also your double-edged sword.

While curiosity is an essential compass for navigating your path, it can also present you with challenges.

Your curiosity may lead you to constantly seek new information and opportunities. 

When you spend too much time seeking, you find yourself chasing the next shiny object. This keeps you restless and unfulfilled.

Fortunately, curiosity is a muscle that can be developed.

With practice, you can harness your curiosity, and unlock the many benefits. 

Curiosity is a shit-starter. But that's okay. Sometimes we have to rumble with a story to find the truth. - Brené Brown | darabelliott.com

The key benefits of curiosity.

Curiosity is linked to increased focus, creativity, innovation and bolstering overall well-being.


When curiosity is your compass, it'll guide you to do work that meaningfully engages you. When you're curious about your work, you enter flow –– the optimal state of being fully immersed in energized focus.  Flow leads to peak productivity and performance.


Infusing creativity into your career starts with curiosity. Team members who are more curious to learn, develop more creative solutions. Similarly, creatives who scored just one-point higher in curiosity created 34% more projects than their less curious colleagues.


A curious question is behind every innovation. Questions generate new ways of thinking, challenge assumptions, expands empathy, and shift perspectives. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google says, “We run this company on questions, not answers.” 


Research has shown that curious people are happier. Curiosity triggers the release of dopamine and other feel-good chemicals. This increases life satisfaction and boosts overall well-being. In fact, just thinking about a time when you were curious boosts energy by 20%.

Walt Disney quote on curiosity

Ideas to spark your curiosity.

If you're curious about sparking your curiosity, here are few ideas to get you started:

Five Dimensions of Curiosity

Have you ever wondered what type of curiosity you have? According to psychologist Todd Kashdan, there are five key dimensions of curiosity that impact everything from how you solve problems to how you show empathy. 

Why Ask “Why?”

In this highly engaging, and inspiring Ted Talk, Michael Stevens shares how curiously asking ‘why?’ led him to launch Vsauce, which now has 13 million subscribers.

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Bernadette Jiwa shares how intuitive curiosity sparked the invention of Spanx, Instagram, and Lululemon. She also dives into actionable ways for us to harness our own curiosity.